When Internet speeds are quoted, figures are usually given in Megabits per second (Mbps), but this is only half the picture. A figure in Mbps gives you an idea of the capacity (speed) of your connection, but it doesn't tell you about latency, the other half of the picture.

LATENCY is the measure of time it takes to get from one network point to another, such as from your computer to Google when you submit a search.

Increased latency doesn't affect all types of Internet activities, but can have a negative impact on popular online applications such as:

Satellite services have extremely high latency and can't easily support these types of activities. Seaside's latency is extremely low by industry standards. Latency below 100 milliseconds is considered good performance. Seaside's latency is low due to the use of LTE and fixed wireless technologies. Satellite-based Internet latency typically starts at 750ms and can exceed 1000ms on older satellite technology.