Business Installations

Seaside Wireless serves a wide range of rural businesses, from Wi-Fi services for campgrounds, to reliable internet connections for professional practices, construction companies, manufacturers and retailers operating locally, as well as for those in the hi-tech sector internationally.

Studies have confirmed the link between economic growth and the availability and adoption of broadband services.  For rural businesses the impact of broadband can be very significant.  One recent analysis performed in rural areas similar to those we have in Nova Scotia concluded that small rural businesses that have internet access earned an average of $18,000 p.a. more than their counterparts without such access.

We are a Nova Scotia company operating one of the largest fixed wireless Internet systems in the world. Our network spans 30,000 square kilometres of varied rural terrain. We have the proven technology and know-how to give your business a robust Internet solution tailored to your specific needs. 

Because bandwidth availability varies from place to place, we offer technical site surveys to determine the best solution for your specific circumstances. Our experienced technicians will design a system that fits your location, and meets your particular needs regardless of what kind of business you are in.

Let us bring your rural business the kind of Internet connectivity your urban competitors have enjoyed for years. See for yourself what a difference it can make to your sales and efficiency.  
For details on how Seaside can meet your Internet needs, please contact:

Seaside Wireless Communications