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Residential Testimonials

Local Community Support

Recently, three Seaside technicians came to my home to upgrade my firmware and to make changes to my antenna. I just wanted to let your company know that they were very nice, knowledgeable, polite and friendly. It seems rare to receive such friendly service these days. They not only fixed/upgraded my internet, but they also fixed my "911" sign at the end of the road with a couple of their twist-ties. (I've only been bugging my husband to do that for months now.) Can you please give them a pat on the back and thank them again for me? Those three gentlemen are obviously a good asset to the company!
- Nadine, Cumberland County

Have had your service about 6 weeks and am very happy with the speed. Dial-up I had before was very frustrating - it was so slow and unreliable - I'm sure my blood pressure must have dropped with this hassle free service.Thanks for being here and possibly extending my life a bit! 
 - Roy, Cumberland County

Hi everyone. I received my high speed in May and I am loving every minute of it. It is so fast that at times I have to set back and look at everything to believe that I really have it. Thank you so much Seaside for giving us a new world of internet. 
 - Linda, New Harbour, Guysborough County

Seaside, we are sooo happy to have you with us!! We can actually send pictures to our family, even videos (!!) without getting disconnected!! We feel very, very fortunate to be your customer! Thanks Seaside!
 - Shirley and family, Cumberland County


Seaside, you have brought us into the 21st century. At last we can function like the rest of the connected world!  We can have more than one computer online at any time (very important - teenage daughters), and we can refer to frequently mentioned video clips etc. on YouTube without resorting to an overnight download. Thank you very much.
 - Gary, Sue and the girls, Cumberland County