Volunteer Fire Service Program


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Seaside Wireless is proud to support Volunteer Fire Departments throughout Rural Nova Scotia.  As a locally owned business, we have learned a lot about the communities we serve, and we appreciate the tremendous contribution volunteer firefighters make to rural life in our province.

Rural communities face huge challenges. Two essential elements in meeting those challenges are first-rate fire services and high-speed internet. We think this makes us natural partners. As a rural internet provider, Seaside wants to find practical, constructive ways to recognize the contribution of volunteer firefighters to community life in the areas where we operate.

We have designed the NSFire.ca project to help volunteer fire departments in several ways:  

  • If your fire hall is within range of one of our towers, Seaside will provide free internet service, including a public wi-fi hub.
  • The web portal NSFire.ca will serve as a one-stop source of information about rural fire service in Nova Scotia.
  • NSFire.ca will provide an easy-to-use website template if your department does not currently have a website.
  • Your NSFire.ca website will enable businesses and residents in your area to make online donations to your department online, using PayPal.

We hope your department will find NSFire.ca useful.  For more information and to view the site, simply click on the link to visit NSFire.ca.