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New Service Offerings

12 Month Savings

At Seaside, we offer our customers a tiered Broadband Internet service available at various price points.  This model provides you with differing speed levels to choose from in accordance with your budget and requirements.

Whether you just want to surf the web or check email, or if you’re a gamer or want to stream videos online, we have the level of service that’s right for you. The faster the Internet speed, the greater the range of online possibilities.

Also, 80% of our customers share their broadband service with other users in the household.  Faster internet speeds can therefore be useful if your bandwidth is being distributed amongst multiple users (other factors that can affect your internet speed include proximity to your router, interference from household electronics, other nearby wireless networks, and the speed of your computer).

The following breakdown of our tiered service offerings provides an overview of the cost, maximum download speed, and capabilities for each level of service.

Seaside ESSENTIALS 1.5 Internet Seaside Essentials 1.5 - $58.95/mo + HST
Speeds Up to 1.5 Mbps (Download) / 0.5 Mbps (Upload). Perfect for:
Seaside ESSENTIALS 1.5 Internet Usage
Seaside EXTREME 25 Internet Seaside Extreme 251 - $81.45/mo + HST
Speeds Up to 25 Mbps (Download) / 5 Mbps (Upload). Perfect for:
Seaside EXTREME 25 Internet Usage

There are several factors which could impact your Internet connection speed. Please CLICK HERE to download our troubleshooting infographic for your home or office.
The services represented by the icons above are intended as examples only of those available through our tiered Internet speeds, and not intended as an all-inclusive list.

1 EXTREME 25 not yet available in all areas. Due to elevation and terrain interference, not all service offerings will be available for certain areas.  Seaside advertises speeds "up to" a stated amount. Many factors will affect the actual speed of your wireless internet service and the types of applications you can run. Seaside Wireless will advise you of the expected speeds in your area so you can make an informed choice regarding the service level option that is best for you.

For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-888-965-5511.