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In today's market, many businesses rely on their ISPs to supply large volumes of data via the world wide web. Seaside provides your business with exceptional wireless Internet access without setting bandwidth limitations or placing quotas on your data transfers.

Compared to Satellite.


LATENCY is the measure of time it takes to get from one network point to another, such as from your computer to Google when you submit a search. Seaside's latency is extremely low by industry standards. We provide customized design and installation solutons.

Solutions in the Market.


We understand that your business has specific sets of telecommunications needs and challenges, that's why we offer a suite of tailored IT solutions. Our team will work with you to assess your technology needs, and close any gaps in your telecommunications strategy.

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Discover the Solution that Fits Your Needs.

Custom Solutions

We understand that your business is unique and may require a customized solution. Whether it's EXTENDED WIFI COVERAGE or DEDICATED BANDWIDTH, we can design a solution for Your business!

24/7 Monitoring

Seaside Wireless Communication operates one of the largest fixed wireless Internet systems in the world. We offer around-the-clock management and remote monitoring of our network. Let us give your business a robust Internet solution that is dependable, and tailored to your specific needs!

Equipment Cost

Each individual business has its own unique telecommunications needs. As such, Seaside offers a variety of customized IT solutions, with the availability of flexible financing. While many Internet providers may require installation and equipment costs up-front, we can make arrangements to finance these costs over the life of the contract. That's just one of the benefits of choosing Seaside Wireless for your business Internet solutions.