Internet Service Benefits

There are many good reasons for choosing Seaside Wireless high speed Internet*

Family & Friends Family and Friends
Download, view, and post pictures to your family and friends at incredible speeds.  Access Facebook, Twitter, and Skype to stay in touch with your social network.
Children Children & Grand Children
Have your children complete their homework online, and let your grandchildren play popular online games.
Banking, Shopping & Advertising Banking, Shopping & Advertising
Log in,  pay a bill or place an order, log out.  It's that simple.  Buy and sell on kijiji and post your classifieds.
Education and Knowledge Education and Knowledge
Take an online course, study a new language, learn how to quilt, knit or build a deck.  It couldn't be more convenient.
Travel & Explore Travel & Explore
Renting a car and booking a flight have never been easier.  Coordinate any kind of trip.  The sky's the limit.
Gaming Gaming & eBay Bidding
Play your favourite games online, or enter eBay bids without having your chances of victory lost due to a slow internet connection.
 ​Unlimited Entertainment Unlimited Entertainment
A world of videos, movies, radio stations, and blogs are available for your enjoyment.
 Build your own Website Build your own Website
Design a website for your favourite hobby, your smart business, or post pictures on a family web page.
Contacts, Calendars, and Conversions Contacts, Calendars, and Conversations
Enjoy instant access to online directories, calendars, and conversion tables.  No need for lengthy searches, no need to waste time.
Go Green Go Green
E-tickets, newsletters, magazines, dictionaries, or recipes - they are just a click away and a step closer to keeping your environment clean and healthy.

*Due to elevation and terrain interference, not all service offerings will be available for certain areas.  Seaside advertises speeds "up to" a stated amount. Many factors will affect the actual speed of your wireless internet service and the types of applications you can run. Seaside Wireless will advise you of the expected speeds in your area so you can make an informed choice regarding the service level option that is best for you.

For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-888-965-5511.

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