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Phone Service Offerings

Seaside Wireless Home Phone Banner

Seaside Wireless is now offering Home Phone service!

Telephone service is now being offered to customers of Seaside Wireless - and it will be availabale soon in your area!  The service will be available in a bundle with select Wireless Internet packages and will include such features as:

  • Call Display
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail

The service will be available as both stand-alone or in a bundle.  See below for more details on SAVING with a BUNDLE.

Why not sign up today?

If you’re already with another Home Phone service provider but want to switch to Seaside, it’s fast and it’s easy!  There are a few simple steps which we’ve outlined below - or - simply sit back and watch the video.


  1. Call 1-888-965-5511 and one of our friendly CSR agents will be happy to assist you.
  2. When switching from another telephone service provider, you'll need to provide the remittance portion of your current provider’s bill.  There is no need to contact your current provider to cancel your service.  We will take care of this for you.
  3. You will need to provide your emergency 9-1-1 address.  If you move your Seaside home phone service to another location, please ensure this information is accurate and updated.
  4. A package will be sent to you that will include your Seaside Wireless Gateway unit, required connection cables, and an easy-to-follow installation guide.
  5. Follow the simple instructions provided to connect your antenna system to the Gateway.
  6. Connect your Wi-fi router (if applicable) and your phone and any devices to your Seaside Gateway unit.
  7. Connect your Seaside Gateway unit directly to your antenna system.
  8. Once you’ve powered up your Gateway device, you will need to contact Seaside Wireless in order to activate your phone service.

Bundle Internet and Phone and Save

Bundle Internet & Phone AND SAVE!

Bundling Phone service with select Seaside Wireless Internet service will save you $40.00* each month.  Our bundle prices, including a breakdown of the tiered service offerings - such as cost, maximum download speed, and capabilities for each applicabale level of Internet service - are as follows:

Seaside ESSENTIALS 5 Internet Seaside Essentials 5 - $66.95 Internet + 9.95* Phone + Can 911 = $77.52*/mo + HST
Download Speeds Up to 5 Mbps. Perfect for:
Seaside ESSENTIALS 5 Internet Usage
Seaside EXTREME 10 Internet Seaside Extreme 10 - $76.55 Internet + 9.95* Phone + Can 911 = $87.12*/mo + HST
Download Speeds Up to 10 Mbps. Perfect for:
Seaside EXTREME 10 Internet Usage
Seaside EXTREME 25 Internet Seaside Extreme 251 - $81.45 Internet + 9.95* Phone + Can 911 = $92.02*/mo + HST
Download Speeds Up to 25 Mbps. Perfect for:
Seaside EXTREME 25 Internet Usage

There are several factors which could impact your Internet connection speed. Please CLICK HERE to download our troubleshooting infographic for your home or office.
The services represented by the icons above are intended as examples only of those available through our tiered Internet speeds, and not intended as an all-inclusive list.

Long Distance phone packages are available.  Visit our Build My Bundle page for more details, and to start building your own bundle today!

Seaside will be contacting residents in the qualifying areas as service slowly becomes available across our catchment area.  In the meantime, you can contact Seaside at 1-888-965-5511 (ext. 383) to confirm availability in your community.

Your Bundle, Your Way

Click here for a listing of our International Phone rates. For important information regarding Seaside Wireless Communication's 'Limitation of Liability' as it relates to 9-1-1 over VoIP calls, please click here.

1 EXTREME 25 not yet available in all areas. Due to elevation and terrain interference, not all service offerings will be available for certain areas.  Seaside advertises speeds "up to" a stated amount. Many factors will affect the actual speed of your wireless internet service and the types of applications you can run. Seaside Wireless will advise you of the expected speeds in your area so you can make an informed choice regarding the service level option that is best for you.

For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-888-965-5511.

*For the first 3 months. Phone service $9.95/mo +tax in slelect bundles = $40/mo savings for the first 3 months. After 3 months, $19.95/mo +tax for phone service in select bundles. Phone stand alone price is $49.95 +tax. 5, 10 or 25 Mbps is required for phone service. Phone installation $99.00 +tax. Phone service may not be available in all areas. Additional 911 charrge of 62¢/mo is included in prices listed above.